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Teeth Whitening at Alpenglow Dental in Bend, Oregon

Need Teeth Whitening?

Coffee stains got you down? I am a dentist and coffee enthusiast. As a working mom of littles, coffee is a regular part of my routine which means I know a thing or two about how to get those pearlies white again!

The best place to start is by getting a professional cleaning. A skilled hygienist will remove all signs of surface stains and get those gums looking healthier again.

Next is selecting a whitening system that works for you. Are you busy and on the go? Too little energy at the end of the day to care enough to whiten your teeth? Perhaps you should consider in-office whitening.

A perk of in-office whitening is the in-office desensitizer applied to your teeth before you walk out the door to show the world your glowing smile.

Are you wanting to whiten more frequently and willing to put in the work? We will make your whitening trays for at-home professional-level whitening.

Are you on a budget? When I was an undergrad, I had decent success with Crest White Strips. This can be a good start until you are ready to elevate your whitening game. But beware! Too much whitening can cause enamel loss and tooth sensitivity.

Pro tip: Two weeks before whitening, start using a sensitive toothpaste like Sensodyne and then continue using it for two weeks after to tone down that pesky sensitivity side effect.

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