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Tooth colored fillings – also called “composite restorations” have become the material of choice and can be done so beautifully that no one will ever know they are there!

Dental implants – Dental implants have a huge variety in how they can be used. Whether it is single tooth replacement, multiple teeth as in an implant bridge, implants to help hold in a denture. Have questions? We have the answers!

Dental Bridges – If an implant is not an option or if it just makes more economic sense dental bridges can be a great solution to replace missing teeth.

Root canals – done as one of the last measures to save the tooth. People need root canals due to trauma to the tooth from an accident, or large decay close to or into the nerve. If a tooth is infected or ‘abscessed’ likely a root canal will be involved to save it.

Partial Dentures: Need to wait a few months before you can get your implant? Need a more economical way to replace teeth and open to something removable? This is the option for you. There are many types and your dentist will work with you to determine which type will fit your needs best.

Dentures – An absolutely life-changing transformation can happen when a patient gets a denture. Many patients cry tears of joy when they receive dentures from us because of the dramatic improvement in the esthetics of their smile. They are a huge transition functionally speaking. Talk to us today if you are considering this route! We believe in honoring each person with respect, care, and compassion.

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