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Kid Missing Tooth

Children & Tooth Injury

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a friend reach out to me because little Johnny took a spill and bonked his tooth! No, you are not a bad parent, and there is really no way to prevent it. My own child has tiny chips in both his lateral incisors. How did he get them? I don’t know. When did these happen? I have no clue. 

What to Do with a Tooth Injury

Here’s the nitty-gritty on when to worry: If your kiddos tooth comes out of their mouth- yes, entirely out of their mouth! Seek a dentist right away. If your child fractures their tooth in an accident- seek dental help right away.

What to Look for with a Tooth Injury

More of a minor bump? Check the tooth to see if it is mobile. See if there is any blood around the tooth. If there is, see a dentist, but in a less urgent way. Monitor any bumped tooth for changes in color as this can be an indicator of the nerve inside the tooth dying. Periodically check above the tooth, under the lip. If you see a pimple or little bump form- that means a trip to the dentist. Kids are super resilient, and most kids bounce back from dental injuries, so if your kiddo isn’t complaining and you don’t see the things listed above- you’re probably in the clear. If you’re worried, reach out to your dentist, no harm in getting things checked!

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